DCM business development & consulting is an Israeli company which specializes in supplying business consulting services to companies and organizations in various fields.
The aim of the consulting is to improve the managing process and profits in these organizations.


The company also helps investors who desire to establish a plant or business in Israel to determine the probability of the success of this plant or business.

The company supplies its services to companies and organizations in the following fields:

  • Commerce and services
  • Law firms
  • Real estate
  • Industry
  • Hi Tech
  • Start Ups
  • Import and export

A few details about our skilled consultants:
All our consultants operated for many years as successful general managers of different companies in Israel so that they have practical and not theoretical experience in management.
This practical experience will help to improve your organizations' situation in the most efficient and quick way.
Contact us for further details.
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Contact details:

Tel: 972-3-6120262, 972-54-6668138

Fax: 972-153-54-6668138